What it costs to create successful SaaS Product

The cost and logistics involved in creating a winning SaaS product is enormous.

Here is a rough estimate👇

Product research ($500)

Front end development ($2k)

Backend development ($5k)

Software hosting and server managment ($500 per month)

Sales copy ($1k)

Sales page design ($1k)

Sales video ($500k)

Demo video ($200)

Knowledgebase ($500k)

Customer support ($500k per month)

Updates & upgrades ( $500 per month)

Email swipes ($400)

Bonuses ($450)

Ads copy & design ($500)

Almost $13k to create just one Winning Software.

This is just a rough estimate, the cost could be far more than this.

But here is the good news!

You can boycott all the process mentioned above and follow the fastest shortcut to kick start your own software business in few days



Don’t bother creating your own software from scratch.

Just Get a reseller licence to a hot selling Software in the market and start re-selling ASAP

With just $97,

You can own a resell right to hot selling Marketing automation Tools with all resources to start re-selling ASAP

With this system, Everything including Customers support comes Done For You.

Yours is to just create a user account for anyone who bought your Software from your own reseller account and the rest is done by the original creator of the software.

This is the fastest way to reach your $10k online without creating a product yourself.

You can even launch your software on Affiliate platform and thousands of Affiliates will promote for you.

That’s all

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