What Is Reddiquette? 6 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Reddit

Things You Shouldn’t Do on Reddit

This article is about the 6 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Reddit. Reddit is a social forum where ideas are shared and information is passed around. It is a very popular forum just like Quora and it offers a lot of benefits to its users. 

If you have been making use of reddit regularly you will agree with me that there are rules and regulations that guide this platform just like another.  Even though Reddit seems different, the rules are good enough to hold down the solid foundation of this platform and every resistor has to follow it. 

Some Redditors complain about getting suspended on reddit without first figuring out what they have done wrong.  Before you complain got need to check those news,  memes etc that you posted or those activities you have taken part in on the platform. 

Reddiquette are this Enriquette that you should learn to keep through with on Reddit as a well presented Redditor. While most have been enlisted before you sign in into reddit but most of us overlook it and it is very important. However,  here are the most important Reddit etiquette.

Do not Share Personal Information

I don’t need to tell you to not share your personal information. However,  you should never make that mistake of sharing another person’s personal information without asking for it. I mean it’s a bit wrong to share someone’s credit card info,  private number,  address,  passwords etc on a platform like reddit without asking for the permission of that person. 


At first,  this violates the community standard of reddit just like how it does to other platforms. Other things is that it is discourteous to do this. Even if you are doing this for a well thought purpose,  you should be aware that that information can be sold to hackers who will get hold of it and use it for catastrophic means.  

With the reddit AL, you are likely to. Get your money deleted or even your account limited for a while if you are posting personal informations

Some of the information you shouldn’t share on reddit include:

  • Photos of someone
  • Password
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Profile links etc

Do not Reposts Unauthorized Posts

You should never try to repost another person’s news, memes,  videos,  media or any kind of post on Reddit without asking for the consent of the poster. This is just like violating the rules of copyright infringement when it comes to topics of internet laws.  If someone had to put a lot of effort in a particular post and you just go there to repost it,  then you are under the watch of reddit rules. 

The fact is that Reddit might not react to it at first but once you get any backlash in the comment section,  especially from the owner of the post then you are in trouble. 

Study The Platform First

You don’t rush or jump into what you have never tried.  Even if you don’t know the culture of reddit.  Probably you heard its like other platforms and you just come here to post,  seriously you are on your own. 

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First of all,  you browse around reddit. Read people’s posts and invites.  Check out posts with the highest interaction and follow trends.  Participate in quizzes and react to ideas on the platform before thinking of posting.  The funny thing about most posts of new Redditors is that they lack the priority of these platforms and either contain spammy links or are even unauthorized reposts. While some don’t even know how to post properly using the tags,  categorize and section on the platform 

Finally,  Reddit is a very large community.  It is better for you to join those that retain what you know and what you are interested in.

Leave Reasonable Comments

I agree with the fact of starting with commenting on people’s post as a New Redditor. However,  it is not advisable to comment on something you don’t know about.  You might be interested about that topic but don’t try to give irrelevant comments just to show you are interested in that post.  

Why on earth will you leave a comment like “laugh out loud” on a platform like reddit. In short anything that isn’t adding to the post or something illustrative or questions should not be added to the post. 

Avoid Downvoting Content You Disagree With

There is downvote and upvote option but you are only meant to make use of one.  Once a certain post is timid or not following the standards of reddit,  something will be done about it from the admin and moderators end.  Do not make the mistake of Downvoting a certain post because ruin don’t like it.  

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The fact is that you can make use of Downvote but for a necessary purpose.  The idea of Upvoting can mean that you are agreeing with that post but Downvoting doesn’t mean that you are disagreeing with the post. That option is there to give reddit the idea of low quality post, an unauthorized repost or any other issue related to the post.  Remember don’t misuse the option Reddit.

Don’t Self-Promote

Instead of self promotion or Spammy links,  you could have done better by paying for ads on Reddit. Some people specifically join reddit for the purpose of self promotion without even sharing something valuable.  

The Reddiquette doesn’t agree with this and you will definitely get penalized for self promotion. However, you can share things about yourself or business but make sure that you are credible for this. 

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