Print Design – 10 Types and Definition.

Print Design

Print design is a process in graphic design.  You probably don’t know this,  thinking both print design and graphics design are the same.  While graphics design is used for making several graphics for any purpose,  print design involves designing and printing for the purpose of branding and marketing. 

The fact that you are a graphics designer doesn’t make you a printing expert.  That goes for printing as well.  Both are needed in order to get the best results.  If a certain brand can take graphics design and printing as their norms and they are expertise at both,  they are likely to have better business opportunities that those focusing on graphics and printing alone.  

Types of Print Design 

1. Business card

An important part of business is business cards.  It serves as the first impression of every organization or business man.  It is one of those print designs used for branding and business identity.  

Your business card will contain your logos , contact and a brief description of what you offer in a business.  It also serves as a straightforward way of introducing your brand to people. It must be catchy enough to make a hurrying person look out for you when they need your services.  A lot needs to be explained about businesses and ventures but a business card is ready to summarize that for you. 

2. Book cover

Buying a book without any prior information about it is just like gambling.  If you have a good and expertly designed book cover,  then you have a better tendency of people buying your books that others.  

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Most of your buyers judge your book by the cover.  If your cover doesn’t signify what they are expecting of the books or what their likeness looks like,  then they won’t buy. This is the reason you need to get the most catchy book cover design from an expert printing team. 

3. Flyer

These are advertising or marketing prints handed out to people around the streets,  parties or other open sections. They are very effective for advertising and even one of the cheapest adverts materials.  It is also fast and easy to use when passing information about what your brand offers to people.  

Just like the business card,  flyers contain several things signifying that you get contacted for a particular service as soon as possible. However, if you don’t have properly designed flyers, then people will just throw out your designs.  A well designed flier is enough to tell anyone that you are credible for any service you offer. 

4. Poster

Posters are used for passing information about a particular event.  It is usually made of a big piece of paper containing a mind-blowing design, enough to pass a very serious piece of information.  The only issue here is that poster designs have several qualities of ads including positioning. That is the reason you need a flawless design company to work on your posters before it can turn over. 

Picture Credit: NeONBRAND 

5. T shirt

This involves printing logos and information on a cloth. T-shirt designs are peculiar to printing companies.  It can later be used as a uniform in an organization, company,  seminar etc. 

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6. Banner

Another important aspect of brand design is the banner. If you have a to use a banner for an occasion or an information medium at a big event,  then you should try it.  This is one of the old methods of printing involved in marketing when a big board or cardboard contains a written piece signifying a particular company. 

7. Packaging

It is also the work of printing companies to design packaging materials and labels.  Things like designs on water bottles or stickers used on different plastic products are added through packaging designs

8. Shopping bags

 If you have a shopping industry selling jewelry,  bags,  groceries etc and you want your brand to stay unique and visible,  then you need print designing teams to design your shopping bags.

9. Menu

If you have ever been to a restaurant one of the signifying things you will find there is the menu.  You check the menus and order what you want. Menu designs captain the foods and drinks available,  pricing etc arranged in the proper pattern to give a brand a positive advantage. 

10. Calendar

Calendars are created by print designers or print design companies. Graphics designers do this but they need a proper printing agency to make the calendar worth viewing.  

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