How to Start Freelancing career with Little or No Experience – 6 Ideas

How to Start Freelancing career

Freelancing is a very profitable business in Nigeria. The percentage of people taking part in it is becoming high and you can start your own freelancing career as soon as possible. 

Jobs are becoming very scarce in Nigeria and over 60% of graduates don’t have a stable job.  Those that have a stable job are most underemployed and the psychology is still the same.  

Most online millionaires are coming from freelancing. They earn up to millions monthly by attending to jobs on freelance websites.  You might not need up to 2 hours in a day to finish a job of a million. 

In freelancing,  you are free and have no boss to tell you what to do except for the fact that you have to be disciplined. Fortunately,  starting freelancing is very free and simple in Nigeria. 

How to Start Freelancing career with Little or No Experience

If you can follow the steps that will be unleashed in this article, then your freelancing journey should be very easy. Probably having the ideal knowledge of where to start something opens a better possibility of becoming successful in that thing.  

Select a Skill or Craft

Having Professional skills or crafts is required when starting freelancing. There are so many skills which you can practise as a freelancer.  But the basis is that you must have an imaginable idea of your skills. 

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If you have a skill and you can prove it, then you have a chance of succeeding in freelancing.  There are many skills which you can learn and take seriously.  Even one skill alone can earn you as much money every day.  

Learning freelancing skills is easy with online schools or platforms.  You can even start as a creative writer if you have decent writing skills.  If you can put together fonts,  shapes,  colors etc into a well deserved graphics,  you can throw yourself into freelancing.  Also,  the big boys like programming and coding is enough to pull you in the world of other freelancers. 

These are skills you can offer as a freelancer in Nigeria:

Learning of the skills listed below will help you solve the problem of how to Start Freelancing career with Little or No Experience

1. Content writing

2. Creative writing

3. Programming and coding 

4. Web design

5. Mobile app development 

6. Copywriting

7. Graphics design 

8. UI design

10. Virtual assistant and so on. 

Picture Credit: Rodeo Project Management Software 

Build your Brand

Branding means positioning yourself at a much better level than others. With the way freelancing is going in Nigeria, there might be many more people than available work.  Another thing is that freelancing opportunities or gig’s are not limited to Nigerians alone.  There are so many people looking to get that same job you are going for and only if you have a good CV to show for it that you will overcome the others. 

The issue of branding is simple if you have a website that works well for you.  You can also start building your website from your social media pages or even Linkedin. If you are well known in these areas and you have a valuable showcase online,  people will come to you for work. 

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Specialize yourself or niche down

There are so many white collar jobs in Nigeria but specialization makes everyone grow.  It’s not like you won’t have an idea of other skills or sections of a particular skill but you have to specialize in a certain part. That is the section propel will know of you and that is how you grow faster. If you are not doing that,  then you are losing the opportunity to become a potential winner in your business.  Also,  this specialization establishes branding around an organization. 

Build a Portfolio and Ask for Testimonials

The next step is to build a strong portfolio for yourself.  This would be made of your results with several clients that offer you a freelancing job.  If you are freelancing,  you need to work well to boost your ego and have a better tendency of getting more jobs later on.  

So,  going into freelancing is a bit easy and realistic if you are ready to put your all into the jobs.  That will improve your portfolios,  credibility and trust.  You will get top reviews and testimonials from your clients.  

Before a client can give you a wonderful testimonial,  you have to optimize what you do for him and develop a friendly relationship.  A good relationship is enough to get good testimonials.  Even the client can offer you recommendations that are worth it.  Referring to a friend is a goldmine for you if you know what you are doing. 


Finally,  you have to continue pitching and asking people to hire you.  It is not bad if you have to come out from your hiding corner to make a big showcase of what your skill looks like.  This will help enough people know more about you and what you do.  

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One thing is having a particular skill and another is knowing how to monetise. Without pitching,  no one will know about your abilities and how they will offer you a worthwhile contract.  If you have a ready made brand,  then you would just have to put your Brand on the forefront of any business. 


Life is not always a bed of roses.  It is difficult to start freelancing and position yourself in the massive competition of freelancing.  But once you build yourself and go further into working around the competition, then you can become a very responsible freelancer in Nigeria. Earn passive monthly freelancing and build a career worth going back to.

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