How to Brand a clothe using Transfer Papers, Inkjet Printer and Heat Transfer Machine

It’s important to note that there are various types of transfer papers. We have transfer papers for laser printers and we have transfer papers for inkjet printers. For the purpose of this topic, we would be focusing on Inkjet printers.

Transfer Papers used on Inkjet printers are of 2 types. They are;

  1. 1. Dark Transfer Papers: Transfer Papers used for branding dark clothes and
  2. 2. Light transfer papers: Transfer Papers used for branding light clothes.

HEAT PRESS or Heat Transfer Machine setup:

Set Temperature to 190℃ (374°F). Set Time to 10 seconds, Apply HEAVY pressure,Hot peel. Note: This inkjet light transfer paper 5.0 is only suitable for heat press machine, please do not transfer with iron.

Inkjet Printer Setup

Step 1: PRINT

Print your design on the BLANK Side of transfer paper.

Before Printing: Select MIRROR Printing. Set Paper Type to Plain Paper or Photo Paper.

Set Printing Quality to Photo or High Quality Photo.

Step 2: CUT

Cut out your design with scissors.

NOTES:Trim close to the printed parts but leave a bit of a margin – 2mm.Don’t cut so close that your design falls apart or warps while you are ironing.

Step 3: PLACE

Place T-shirt on a solid and heat resistant surface. Iron the T-shirt to remove creases. Place your design facing DOWNWARDS onto appropriate position of T-shirt.

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Set Temperature to 190℃ (374°F).Set Time to 10 seconds. Apply HEAVY pressure.

Step 5:

Hot PEEL peel away the backing paper.

Step 6: DONE Congratulations!

Your DIY image transfer has been done. Enjoy!


1.Don’t wash within 48 hours after transfer.

2.Wash the garment before wearing.

3.Don’t use bleach or alkaline detergent.

4.Turn the garment inside out when washing.

5.Don’t soak to wash.

6.Full spin cycle, cold water washing.

7.No delicate washing.

8.No tumble dry.

9.Remove garment promptly after washing, colors may bleed if left wet too long.

10.Unfold the transferred image, hang to dry naturally.


1.Keep the image facing outside when fold the garment.

2.Store the garment in a dry and cool place.

3.Keep the unused transfer paper sealed and presser

Key Features to note:

High Transfer Efficiency:

Designed for batch transfer & business project. Get transfer done only in 10 seconds with professional heat press machine. Very bright and vivid after transfer. Machine washable and no peeling, no cracking after 30 washes. Start your project with Light Transfer Paper!

REQUIREMENTS For clothes branding through transfer paper

Inkjet Printers (such as HP, Brother, Canon and other brands) – Pigment Ink or Dye Ink – Scissors – Professional Heat Press machine only.


Transfer text, images, photos and pictures onto Light and White colored 100% cotton/poly cotton blend fabrics, such as T shirts, totes, canvas bags, aprons, masks, pillow cases, cushion covers, tablecloths, flags and banners.

Make custom DIY gifts to your friends or family on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Wedding Day.

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[1] Mirror Print & Cut out your design.

[2] Place the printed image facing DOWNWARDS onto fabrics.

[3] Transfer Image with Professional Heat Press Machine.

[4] Hot peel the backing paper quickly and smoothly. Transfer has been done!

Step-by-step instructions are on the back of cover paper in the pack of the transfer papers.

COMPATIBLE PRINTER & INK for transfer papers

Light and dark transfer papers are compatible with Inkjet Printers (HP, Brothers, Canon and more).


1.Recommend NOT using printers with thermal printing technology. They will heat the transfer paper and may separate the film and the backing during printing.

2. Compatible with Pigment ink and Dye ink (Do not use Sublimation ink).

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