How to Block Internet Access for Android Apps

How to Block Internet Access for Android Apps

This article is about how to Block Internet Access for Android Apps. There are certain reasons we would have to block internet access for Android apps. It’s funny, but when we are conserving data or we don’t want any distraction of what we are doing at the moment then the best plan might be to completely Block internet connection of those apps. 

Right now,  virtually every app makes use of a lot of data but if we had been smart about blocking them,  then things would have been a bit easier for us on the phone.  While some app run on the background section and make use of your internet connection and might sometimes disallow those that need that intensity of connection.  


If the issue you are having is that of loan apps accessing your phone, you might need to watch the video below on how to stop them.

How to Block Internet Access for Android Apps

The following are different ways you can block internet access for specific android apps;

Block App Internet Access Using Android

Android 9.0 and above already makes this very easy for you and me.  You can rain block App internet access directly from your settings app. Follow these steps:

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1. Go to your settings app

2. In the options,  choose Network & Internet

3. Select mobile network 

4. Go to date usage then Network access

5. Look at the apps listed and tweak their network access option.  That is either you choose whether to restrict their access to internet or go for data only or Wi-Fi only connection.

The earlier version of Android phones aren’t doing really bad when it comes to this section. You can also block intense access by doing this:

“Settings -> Data Usage -> your SIM card”.

Tap the menu icon, then “Data usage control”.

1. Go to settings app

2. Open the data usage option

3. Then to your sim card

4. After which you can now go to data usage control

5. Then finally to those apps and either choose to restrict them from Wi-Fi or cellular data. 

Picture Credit:  Andrew M 

Completely Block Internet Access for Apps using NetGuard

The major way to Block Internet Access for Android Apps is to install NetGuard App to your phone and activate it. This app is available for Android 5.1 and above and you can download it directly from Google play store.  This Alps behave like a VPN app. 

After launching the app,  you have to enable it and then you can now choose to restrict some apps from Wi-Fi.  Now you have to tap on the coloured button at the front of the app in order to choose whether to switch on or off data access for a particular app.  Note that the green button is for while the red is for off. 


NetGuard can also help you restrict data from Google Play services and download manager which would affect the likes of YouTube, slacks and zoom.  They get their notification from here and you have to block it as well. 

If you would like to restore those apps back to the normal data connection, then you can easily do that by returning those buttons back to the default green on the Net Guard app.

Minimize Internet Access from Settings

This is another way to Block Internet Access for Android Apps. Also, you might just junior the internet access of the apps for a while. Android 7.0 and higher versions allows this very well. Even the latest Android already have this in the fast toggle shock is usually swiped down to access shortcut. 

This will help you reduce the effect of background data running on your device or even autoplay on videos and automatic downloads which would have been the normal deal. 

The steps involved in minimizing are:

1. Go to settings

2. The to Network and internet 

3. Select Wi-Fi network

4. The go to the data saver menu and toggle on

5. From the list of apps displayed, choose the one you would like to minimize the access to the internet. 


It might not be necessary to reinforce internet access against some apps but if you think you would like to do that,  then those are the simple ways to escape from this.  

Internet connection to our apps is already part of our daily’s. Make sure that you note which app you have restricted. Some days will come when you want to open the app and won’t remember if you have restricted or minimized data. At least that will keep you in a safe spot.  

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