How to Batch Uninstall Apps on Android and IOS

How to Batch Uninstall Apps on Android and IOS

This article is about how to How to Batch Uninstall Apps on Android and IOS. When the space on your phone has become over taken, then you have to uninstall some space. If you are someone that keeps a lot of apps that aren’t worth your time or they are unnecessary and you choose to uninstall them,  then it becomes difficult. 

However, in this article,  we will talk about batch installing apps from your phone.  It is very easy and doesn’t require any technical efforts since you have been making use of Android before now. 

We are going to be illustrating using the three best apps of batch uninstalling.  One is multi app installed, Batch Uninstaller and the other is Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall. 

A Guide on How to Batch Uninstall Apps on Android and IOS

1. Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall

This app is available on Google Play Store for download.  Once you are done with that,  you can now launch the app from your app launcher. The a will display all your apps in alphabetical order.  

Then of all the apps,  you can now check the boxes of those you want to uninstall and tap on OK.  If the apps cache or files are still in the phone,  you can delete it directly from there as well. 

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2. Batch Uninstaller

This is another uninstaller App that you can try.  You can download this app from google playstore as well. It has the same interface as an easy uninstaller but it doesn’t allow deleting of residual files.  Moreover,  you can always go back to your phone’s file manager to resolve that. Also, it doesn’t require much space like an easy installer. So,  here you also check apps you wish to uninstall and then do so.  

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3. Multi App Uninstaller

This is a major tool on how to batch uninstall apps. It is the most popular app for batch install.  The features and the intensity of the app is superb.  Apart from the fact that you can manually delete many apps using Multi App Uninstaller, it also notifies you of apps you might want to delete under some factors like user experience and the last time you have made use of the app.  You can download the app on playstore as well. 

To use Multi App installer to uninstall bulk apps follow this steps:

1. Select all the apps you want to uninstall from the dashboard

2. The tap the trash bin icon on your dashboard 

3. There is a pop up that asks for verification of uninstalling each app.  Tab on OK. 

4. Within a few seconds all the apps will be uninstalled. 

The apps also has some characteristic to improve the UI which are:

  • View:  This will help you change the layout of the apps to either a grid view or the default list view.  It is at the three top menu icons.  Also,  you can change the app to dark mode from this area.
  • Sort: Just like easy installer you can also sort apps by install dates,  alphabetical order, size etc
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How To Batch Uninstall Apps on Playstore

Play Store is also a very fast place to uninstall mobile apps.  If those apps on your phone are downloaded from playstore you can easily uninstall using these steps below:

1. Open your Google play store app

2. Tap on the profile icon at the top. Right corner 

3. Select manage apps and devices

4. Tap storage which will bring you to a list of apps installed from playstore. 

5. Hold down each app you plan on deleting

6. Then finally tap the delete icon trash can

How To Uninstall Several Apps On Playstore 

Uninstalling a bulk amount of apps on iOS devices is very easy.  

For iOS 12 and lesser system software for iPhones,  you can hold down an app until, It starts to jiggle. Then an “X” mark will be shown on each app.  Tap on it so you will be able to delete that app. 

For iOS 13, you can just hold down the screen, then choose to edit the home screen.  Every app will have to concur by displaying the same “X” mark. Tap on the X to delete each app.  

Use the Settings App To Delete iOS/ iPad Apps

To delete iPhone or iPad bulk apps,  you can also choose to make use of the settings app directly.  At least this makes things more simple that other methods which might put the app in the trigger section.  

So,  to do this, you go to your settings app or tap on the icon from your screen. Then to general – storage option.  A list of the apps on your phone will be displayed here.  Select those that you want to delete and then tap on “delete”.

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Uninstalling apps might be a bit difficult or technical but with the help of the apps listed above you can easily uninstall as many apps at the same time.  You can even choose to uninstall all and remove all their files at the same time. 

Also,  iPhones offer an extremely easier way to uninstall apps in multiples.  So,  to batch uninstall on iPhone,  follow those methods stated above. 

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