How I Survive On A Salary Of 95k As A Married Man

I created this thread in response to the post on front page about ladies that date men who earn less than 100k.

Of a truth, its not easy to manage such amount, but when one is already in such situation, you just have to manage and improvise.
Now like the OP of the above thread requested, here is the break down of how we make our expenses.

To start with, I was earning about 130k previously before we got married by March this year, but I changed job and the pay of the new job is 95k. STarted the new job around Feb this year, even though there was a loan I was paying off.. Need I add that my wife was working in a firm where shes paid 45K, but two months after our married, she quit the job due to pregnancy stress. Am sure ladies will understand.

This is our break down.
Monthly salary 95k
I remove 40k first from the salary and transfer it to 3 different acct.
The first acct receives 20k. This acct is not touchable except on extreme emergency. Its our main savings acct.
The second acct gets 10k and its for our rent, also non touchable. Rent is 150k per year. Before u say my rent is high compared to my salary, I like my privacy very well. and the cost of rent isnt friendly in my state.
The third acct also gets 10k. This one is for semi savings. This acct is touchable when cash at hand have been exhausted before the next month salary.

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From the remaining 50k,
I send 10k to my family acct. I and my brothers do contribute 10k+ every month and its been used to run expenses WRT our parents and last born.
I gv my wife 10k for her monthly up keep. Its small. But its the sacrifice we all have to make for the good of the family.
I hold 10k myself for logistics and transport. I must confess, is not enough. But One have to strive. My wrk place isnt far. SO transport is N100 to and fro, thats approximately 3k per month. The remaining money i use it for other logistics. 4k out of this money goes for gas wch last for abt 2 weeks. And when we want to refill and there is no other money left, we fall back to the 3rd acct.
The remaining 20k is strictly for food ( On this food issue is where I “duff my hart” cos shes really managing things well and trying.
Sometimes, I really feel for her, cos this her pregnancy makes her to crave for things that is not on our food menu, but then when the money is not there, she just surpress the cravings. At times I feel bad.

The remaining 5k, for now is used to pay back a tailor who sewed multiple pregnancy gowns for my wife.

Its good to add that any small money I make like 1k or 2k on side hustle, I directly buy mudu of rice, beans or flour for swallow.

Its not easy at all. But there are families with kids leaving below that.


My wife is abt 5mnths pregnant, we plan to divert the 20k savings to buying baby things in preparation for child birth.

The truth is that the economic situation in this country is bad and so cost of leaving is very high. But then one have to survive.
But then in Nigeria now, how many percentage of the population earn above 100k. In fact how many jobs out there pays such as amount.

The only advice I have for ladies is that if you are not working and you parent family is the type need financial help from your husband after marriage, or you are the type of lady that is high class and wont settle for less or manage with your man. Plz kindly wait and take your time to look for a man that is RICH or financially capable of taken care of you and maybe your family. Please dont hide under the cover of you want to marry quick and then accept a struggling man only to start putting pressure on his head. Plz wait and marry a rich man.

Most responsible men wont really appreciate it if you are always demanding for things you knw fully well that he can not afford.

It is also good to note that no condition is permanent, things will definitely get better. A better job might come or my wife might get a job after her maternity which will increase our income.

The bottom line is, as a couple, but of you will have to work things out to improve your finances.

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