8 ways you can make money from blogging

ways you can make money from blogging

There are different ways you can make money from blogging and that is what I will be teaching you in this article. Blogging is one of the most lucrative business to start anywhere around the world. With just about $100, you can start your own blog without any issue.

A blog is that website you read your daily news, answers to search words on Google, and read several informational stuffs. There are different ways you can make money from blogging and they will be explained further in this article.

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The first important aspect to make money from blogging is to find a profitable or lucrative niche. However all niches are lucrative but the competition and difficulty differs.  The most lucrative niches are those with the highest competition and difficult journey.  If you think you can cope in order to make money from blogging, then go for those.  

There are a lot of ways to make money from blogging. Such that you can even earn up to a million naira every month.  However,  it starts with you and how you have portrayed your blog.  If you have done well on you blog and the desired amount of traffic is rolling in.

8 ways you can make money from blogging

The different ways to make money from blogging are as follows;

1) Display ads ( Google, ezoic etc)

Display ads are ads which are served on internet websites and apps. They are usually informed of banners, bop ups, sticky ads etc. These are the kinds of ads that will be displayed on your blog or website and then you earn a commission based on your available traffic. 


Examples of these kinds of ads include Google Adsense,  Ezoic,  Jubna ads,  Yan ads, Propeller ads and so on.  This kind of ads improves brand recognition and identity online.  Once those ads have been mastered by visitors,  they can easily click the ads and then follow the steps to reaching the company. 

2) Banner ads space

If your blog or website has enough authority and traffic,  you can sell ad space.  Ad space is leasing out a space on your website,  where visitors can contact the company. However, it is not easy to get to these points unless you have enough traffic and interaction with your website. 

Moreover,  businesses that display ads on your website need to get the results and make more sales or they would just withdraw their partnership with you. 

3) Sponsored posts or articles

Sponsored posts are posts from other websites that want to form a relationship and boost the authority of their websites.  Sometimes,  businesses also take part in sponsored posts where they explain what they do and how they do it.  This might not be direct marketing,  but it is enlightening customers to trust them and work with them. Hence,  your website serves as an influence to business and other websites writing a sponsored post on your website.

The plan is that you get compensation when a certain post is sponsored on your blog.  This might even be monthly depending on your blog.  

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4) E-commerce

An e-commerce website is one that allows the selling of goods and services to potential customers. In this kind of website,  a lot of products, either yours or from vendors,  are displayed to customers who browse your websites and buy a particular product. It contains a listing of several kinds of products or sometimes niche down to a particular product. 

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This kind of website earns from the product sold on the sites.  If the products listed on the website are there’s,  they earn the whole commission but if these are listed from other vendors,  they earn commission per sales. Examples of this kind of website are Learnoflix etc. 

5) 3rd party product listings 

This is another group of e-commerce websites but they specifically list or display other people’s products directly on their website. They don’t earn per commission of products sold, instead vendors pay a premium fee from listing their products on their website just like what is obtainable on Ofarms.Co Agriculture Marketplace.

These websites have an audience for most products displayed on them. Products are faster sold where there are enough audience circulating a market.  Here,  they charge a premium fee for displaying certain products on their websites. While some also,  get paid via commission and 3rd party listing. 

6) Product review

Product review websites are websites that review several products in a particular niche and they get paid for it.  This is just like another form of advertisement for products that have high competition in an e-commerce market but they are easily ranked in a product review website before getting sold to buyers on e-commerce site.  

The deal here is very simple. As a blogger,  you educate your blog visitors about a particular product from a seller who wants the products to get known easily by people.  

7) Sponsored backlinks

It takes time to get to this level of blogging. At this time you already have a high DA website and every other website in your niche wants to grow to be like your website. 

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You can register on LinkDeploy to start selling backlinks on your website.

All they have to do this keep growing to the spot kg your website is to build backlinks from your website.  Backlinks from a high authority websites means voting a low authority website that these website worth any search engines time. Hence boosting the ranking of the low DA website.  But before that,  they have to pay. 

8. Affiliate marketing

This is one of the most popular ways of making money from blogging. Affiliate marketing is the game of the world. It is a strategy whereby retailers demand for traffic and referral on their products and pay per commission of sales.

This means that you are inputting links of several products (in your website) that are not yours but have the guarantee of the owner that you get paid per sales commission. This is done in order to send referrals to those products.

There are websites where you meet a lot of vendors looking for people to help them sell and then earn commission on their products.  Affiliate marketing is one of those products and you can try the out.  Examples of affiliate websites or programs where you can meet vendors are Clickbank, Amazon LLC associates, Shareasale etc. 

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