7 Free Platforms to Build Apps without Coding

Free Platforms to Build Apps without Coding

This article is about 7 Free Platforms to Build Apps without Coding. There are simpler ways to build or create an app without coding.  Making use of the drop and drag templates from a few app creation platforms can be one of the most popular way.  

Coding an app takes a lot of time, effort and even money.  Then this process becomes more tedious if you have very little knowledge about programming or app development.

All the same,  this is an article that outlines those platforms which allows for the development of apps easily.  In these platforms, you don’t need coding to build apps,  you just need to be creative enough.

Free Platforms to Build Apps without Coding

Listed below are Free Platforms to Build Apps without Coding

Appy Pie

App pie is one platform that allows you to drag and drop templates that will feature in your particular app.  At the top of our 7 Free Platforms to Build Apps without Coding is Appy Pie. It helps to save your apps on the cloud hence you can open from anywhere.  It is made with the HTML 5 background and has a simple and user-friendly interface. After you have created your app,  you can upload to Google Play and iTunes.  Also, You can monetize your app in various ways, even with Google Admob.  

Also,  it allows for the linking of your website or blog directly.  You can also view analytics and know what the number of real time users and downloads your app gets everyday.  If you have an online shop or business you want to integrate in the app,  the One Touch Call and QR codes can help with communication and payment respectively. If you have access to these features,  then you should at least be able to put down a $33 monthly fee for App pie.

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GameSalad is another flexible app creating platform that is used for developing apps of Android, iOS, HTML5 and macOS platforms. This is a major Free Platforms to Build Apps without Coding. GameSalad has quite a lot of features which makes it a bit costly. It secures about $299 early payment and free version for a while.  You can add most of these features to your app and even manage all of the analytics,  views and additions to the app.  

This platform also makes a drag and drop feature where users edit a certain character template,  resign it and then give finishing touches. Finally,  if you have access to GameCircle APIs or you want to add in app shopping, it is supported.  Admob monetisation is also supported on this platform.

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Andromo is not just easy to use because you have all non technical tools required in building an app at a particular place.  This is one of the reasons it is highly acceptable and very popular for creating apps.  

Andromo doesn’t require a lot of fee.  With just $8 you can have 50 apps created and monetised but you have to upload to the play store which is impossible directly from the app.  The plan is that the app is emailed to you after you are done, then you purchase a Google Play account for $25 before you can now upload to the play store.  

Andromo also makes use of drag and drop.  You add graphics, images,  content and designs to fit into what your audience is looking for. 

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Appery is a super easy and comfortable platform used for creating apps.  It constitute a lot of features that improves the functionality of your app. It is a cloud based platform which makes use of the drag and drop feature to build apps.  No coding or any technical issue is related with this app even when you can operate on the cloud from multiple devices. It is also one of the rear apps that can work anywhere. Apps created using Appery can be monetised and managed directly for this platform.  

Finally,  it has a super easy plugin that is enough to sum up what this app offers you.  The functionality in the number of features you can add from the plugin is unparalleled. 


App Makr is a very effective platform which constitutes strategized tools that are used for building several apps for iOS and Android devices. App Maker is one of the top Free Platforms to Build Apps without Coding It is very easy to use and even allows you to create apps that look the latest like real HTML 5 apps.  It offers a $99 per month after you have used up your free offer. Another thing is that it is very easy to use and manage.  The dashboard helps you with the analytics and the ability to add more features to your app even after it has been built initially.

It is used for making several kinds of apps because of all the drag and drop features it contains.  Some of which includes in-app shopping,  admob monetization,  high resolution photo gallery, music and video streaming,  push notification and so on. 



AppsGeyer offers a free app creation setting for any creator but under a certain terms and condition. This is one of the top Free Platforms to Build Apps without Coding You get to pay half of generated income on the app monthly.  Moreover,  it offers you a lot of features that you might not just get from any app creation app.  However,  you can’t upload directly to the playstore unless you purchase Google Play.


Como is also known as Swiftic by many. It is an app development platform with a unique and simple interface.  This makes use of the drop and drag as well to add functionality to any app.  This is even extra simple because you just have to pick the category of an app, choose the theme and then publish.  It also allows for App monetization, uploading to App Store,  user review,  RSS feeds analytics etc. 

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