18 Businesses You Can Start With Low Investment

Businesses You Can Start With Low Investment

This article is about 18 Businesses You Can Start With Low Investment. The rate of unemployment in Nigeria and the world at large is high and embarrassing, if only people know they could become rich with the little they have, they would get productive. That is the reason many youth have started delving into a small scale business that is quite promising for them.  

No one wants to stay at home without a business to lean on but economic situations are not supportive.  If you would like to own your own business with as little as 20K monthly,  then this is your chance.  

While some of these businesses require a bit of formal education most don’t.  Instead you have maximized your entrepreneurial skills,  leadership skills and management skills. 

18 Businesses You Can Start With Low Investment

Below is a list of businesses you can start with little money. Some of them are businesses you can start with no money.

1. Blogging for money

This is one of the businesses you can start from home. Stay at home and optimize contents searched on Google and make your money.  This is just like passing information to people from your website. People sort for information everyday and from different phases including tech,  career,  food, finance,  health,  make money and so on.  With 20,000 you should be able to set up your own personal blog in Nigeria.

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2. Coaching classes

This is also one of the businesses you can start from home. You can start teaching people anything you do best.  If you are good at cooking,  graphic design,  copywriting, business management, computer expert etc,  you can just start a small teaching center with about 40 K naira and start teaching others under an agreed fee.

 3. Online courses

This is also one of the businesses you can start from home. Online courses are becoming very popular recently. They are the fastest way to learn any skill in 2021. You can register on Tuteria, upload your courses and get paid for each course. 

4. Mobile recharge card printing business

With just 20,000 you can become a mobile recharge card seller and print Your Own recharge card in a printing center.  It is even extremely better if you have the opportunity of owning a recharge card to print yourself. Funniest part is, it is also one of the businesses you can start from home.

5. VTU Provider 

Start a VTU subscription business with nothing above 10,000 naira in Nigeria. It involves those that help with decoder subscription and mobile network subscription. 

6. POS

With 20,000 to 30,000 naira,  POS business can be another open business opportunity for you.  You will only need to buy a POs machine and create a small store.  

7. Cooking Gas retailing/cylinders

Cooking gas is becoming the next gold in Nigeria. You wouldn’t need to begin on a large scale because you can easily start small with about 100 K naira and expand later on.  The profit on this business is superb. 

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8. Snack shop

₦20,000 is enough to start a small snacks business.  If you have a school nearby or a workshop where people will buy your snacks, then you should sell to them. 

9. Mobile phone accessories

You can even open a small store where you will start selling phone accessories. These accessories include power bank,  casing,  ear phones,  head phones etc.  

10. Mobile phone repairs 

If you have the mobile phone repairing skills and you are very good at it,  then you should try a mobile phone repair business.  This is one of those businesses that you can just start in this corner of your house and drive a lot of returns from it. 

11. Computer training business

Recently,  most people are starting to understand the importance of computers and why they need the full training of  computers.  Even if it is to learn about desktop publishing, they need to in order to become expert at what they do.  

12. Computer repairs business

You can also start repairing faulty computers just like the phone business. Learn computer engineering, practice your skills and make money from it.  Find a small shop around you,  then put up a banner signifying what you do and then start repairing computers. 

13. Bike or Keke Napep Commercial business

If you have up to 300,000 naira, you can start a bike business in Nigeria. You will be in charge of transporting people from one location to another. The returns on this are justifiable and within two month of hard work,  you should be able to make your 300,000 naira back. 

Tricycles are more popular in some areas in Nigeria. Starting a keke business is also cool and you can make your return on investment within some month. 

14. Real estate agent

This is one of those businesses you can start with little money. It is also one of those businesses you can start with no money. All you need basically is connection. They are usually referred to as caretaker or agents in Nigeria. You help people looking for a house to set up a small house. You would be in charge of helping them look for someone they can rent and start living.  This is really a big business with a big return in Nigeria. You might not need anything to start other than to register yourself and let people know more about you.  

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Picture Credit: Kelly Sikkema 

15. Tailoring services 

As a tailor,  you would need the most important tool which is the sewing machine.  If you should have 200,000 naira, you are good to starting a tailoring business in Nigeria. You can even start from your corridor.

16. Plumbing services

Firstly,  you have to learn a lot about repairing toilets, running water pipes etc before you can start this business.  Although it is one of those mobile businesses,  you can also get a shop designing it with different plumbing materials and showing up your banner to advertise yourself. 

17. Photography 

Cameras are about 100 K to 150 k now and that seems to be the only material needed to start a photography business. If you want to extend or make it extremely productive for you,  then you can partner with a makeup artist in order to take the picture of her customers when a customer demands it. 

18. Phone charging business

You can just start with a small generator in a secured shop or store. People will definitely come and charge since electricity is not stable.  Just provide security and safety to their phones. 

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