11 Moves to Break into Tech with Zero Experience

Moves to Break into Tech with Zero Experience

Tech is primarily the cash grant right now.  The world is starting to turn off the normal manufacturing industry and within years everyone will be in the world of tech.  Why don’t you become a career person in Tech?  

In this article,  you will learn the simple and detailed information about delving into the tech industry even without any experience and building a solid career for yourself. 

Many of us have started our life and spent so much of it in particularly different areas but the fact is that delving into the tech industry is not that difficult.  It is an achievable career path if you are willing to follow the right strategy. 

Start With What You Know 

Your background knowledge in Tech determines where you are going to end up.  You should learn a lot about what moves you before you jump into the tech industry.  If possible ask yourself questions about your hubby and how passionate you are about your immediate job.  Also,  prepare yourself for a bit of change which would definitely be profitable when you are finally flowing in the industry. 

In short,  if you are someone that is passionate about writing,  you can go into the Al writing part of tech.  On the other hand,  the doctors or medical enthusiasts can become expert in meditech if they are as interested in technology.

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Some of the industries under tech where your passions and aspirations can drive you to are: meditech,  edutech,  fashion tech,  foodtech,  traveltech,  legal tech and a host of other sub niches of tech.

Which would you like to go for?  Just make sure you can maintain any part of tech that you are delving into. 

Also,  you need to look into the aspect of skills before you can go into any business regarding tech. These skills are not the real tech skills but those things you can do yourself. They are non tech skills which might affect your tech life.  For instance,  having very smart reading skills gives you a better chance into some parts of tech than others. 

2. Make Use Of a LinkedIn profile

The world is now digital and web strategized. Unlike years before now when you carry out your job application process physically, linkedin helps to showcase what your portfolios and ability in the tech space looks like to potential clients.  From there you can build relationships with several companies at the same time.  

On LinkedIn, you don’t have to be that expert that everyone is looking towards.  Whereas putting yourself at the forefront by building an audience or brand is enough to take you through any obstacle that comes your way. Most importantly make sure you optimize your profile as a tech experts. 

Picture Credit: Uriel Soberanes 

3. Go for an internship

Experience is the best teacher.  You can gain experience by serving as an intern for a particular company. All those tech skills you have will be needed in a certain company where you can serve as an intern or even a newbie learning and getting paid in the company.  If at all you will serve as a straightforward intern,  then you might not need a resume or any other thing because this is where you start forming Your Own portfolios,  experience and even learn as much as possible.  

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If you are able to look through linkedin very well,  you will find companies looking for interns to serve for a medium of 3-6 months.  Within this time you can gain as much experience from an experienced team.  

4. Volunteer

You can even volunteer to work for free in exchange for a good review on linkedin. Who knows if that will be your stepping stone to meeting larger companies with larger  contracts? You volunteer where you are supposed to. Don’t just follow any trend of working freely when you can pick those that you work with according to the natural factor. Trust me,  this will open the door to better offers in the future and people will trust you.  

6. Start a side gig

You might be fortunate enough to get a job remotely with a tech company after your volunteer work. If that’s the case you can also try a side gig in the tech niche.  That might be creating a website where people can contact you directly and you will just have to address any of their tech issues relating to where you focus on.  As long as you do your job well with the company you are working with,  you can also build yours within a limited time. 

7. Attend a boot camp or seminar

A tech boot camp is a certain event where all the tech enthusiasts and experts will come together to discuss and mix ideas.  This is a place where you can grow as well.  You can learn more about what you do,  develop yourself and listen to what other experts will talk about. 

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You can also attend a seminar or workshop where you will learn more about UI design,  coding,  programming,  web design,  tech support and so on.  This broadens your knowledge and lightens your way better into the tech industry. 

8. Get a certification

There are platforms where you can learn a lot about tech and become experts.  This is enough to clear you ahead of time and even put you at a higher status because a few tech experts have this. 


Tech is a broad world.  With the existence of virtual reality and augmented reality,  we can easily conclude that tech has a very profitable future. All you have to do is to continue learning and networking in the tech world.

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