10 Ways to Fix it Instagram not working issues

10 Ways to Fix it Instagram not working issues

This article is about 10 Ways to Fix it Instagram not working issues. That moment you want to follow one fast trend on your instagram and the next thing you see is “instagram not working.” It is unexpected, frustrating and annoying but the fact is that it is very easy to solve.  

This issue might be due to your system error or some of your initial actions which might affect your instagram account. To some of us,  instagram is a way of life. While some of us take it as our social sharing media.  All the same, we need to know what to do when our instagram isn’t working.  

In this article,  we will talk about 10 ways to fix this issue of instagram not working on your device.  

1. Restart Your Device

Whether you are making use of a phone or a PC,  just restart your device.  This is the first diagnostic solution to any issue that might be a ride on your device.  Switch off your phone or PC,  after a while switch it on again or make use of the restart button on your phone or PC. 

2. Reinstall older version of instagram

If your instagram is not working, this might be due to issues related to your latest version of IG. At this point, you can uninstall the update. Try again.  If it is working properly with the older version,  then swerve back to the latest update of instagram. 

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3. Clear App Data and Cache

Another method you can also try is to clear the app cache.  To do that go to your settings app then  apps and notification.  Tap on the “all apps” tab and go to instagram. After which you can finally go to instagram > clear cache. If it’s one iOS device, all you have to do is to offload the app and reinstall again.  To do that,  go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > identify instagram and offload the app. 

4. Enable Permissions for Instagram (iOS/Android)

Instagram is one app that requires several permission to work very well.  It has to work with several features on your phone.  If those features are not available,  there is a possibility that instagram won’t be working on your phone.  To enable all permission on Android > go to settings > apps and notification > look for Instagram and enable all permission related to it.  If it’s on iPhone,  go to settings > instagram and enable all the required permission. 

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5. Is Instagram Down?

Recently facebook, whatsapp and IG were down and no one expected it.  I couldn’t believe that a whole Facebook could even go offline for 24 hours. At this junction, just know that this issue is not peculiar to you alone. The issue is general and you have to wait until it is restored. To check if a certain site is down or even instagram, go to https://outage.report/ and type in instagram.com. This will show you any related issue with the living of IG. 

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6. Try a Different Device

Sign in on a different device if possible. But before that,  you need to check your internet connection if I connect if it is stable enough to work with instagram. If the issue is not from this spot, check if it is working well on another device that is close to you.  If it’s working,  sign in your instagram account and see if it is working. 

7. Update Instagram

The time might be due for you to update instagram. Updating instagram is not that difficult if you are sure it is not a new update.  The newer update usually fixes the issues with the earlier versions.  So,  probably the sister of instagram not working would have been eliminated. Recall I explained that you should uninstall layered updates if the issues are coming from this area.  These are the ways of updating. 

You can check for necessary updates on your phone’s settings app or play store on Android. 

8. Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram

If you just installed instagram,  the issues might be due to bits or patches in your system.  This is one of the reasons you are advised to always install apps directly from your play store. All the same, bugs can cause this issue and you can uninstall and reinstall Instagram. 

Go to your settings app, then follow the apps and notification option.  Choose instagram and then uninstall and Install it again.

9. Check Common Error Messages and Known Issues

This might be due to some common error messages which might not cause different apps to work.  Some of the error messages include “parsing error” etc.  So,  you can make use of your web version if the app is not working.  Sometimes the error would have been solved.  

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10. Ensure Background Data Is Not Restricted

Sometimes we would have mistakenly changed some settings on our phone which would affect the mobile apps especially those running background data.  Some apps need data to work.  If you are restricting the apps for making use of your data for some reasons,  go back to your settings app to change that.  Meanwhile,  what you have to do is to go to settings then “Apps & notifications-> See all apps-> Instagram -> Mobile data & Wi-Fi.” 


Instagram is lively and social and this is one of the characteristics that we want to take part in everyday.  If your instagram app is not working, then it might be due to some of the issues above. 

However if you still aren’t able to solve these issues,  then you should back up and restore factory settings. 

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