10 Most Profitable Skills to Learn in the World

Most Profitable Skills to Learn in the World

In this article, we will be listing the 10 most profitable skills to learn in the world. The trending advice this year is to learn a particular skill referred to as high income.

Knowledge is light and it is the basis of assuming riches. Once you have the knowledge about a particular skill, you can now deem it important to monetize your skills. It is important to learn a new skill in the world.

The cost of living is very high in Nigeria, having a skill can create another stream of income for you. If you have a stable internet connection and a smartphone, then you are very qualified to learn a skill.  

List of Most Profitable Skills to Learn in the World

Whether you need a part time job or a full time job, you can start from learning the high income skills that are outlined below:

1. Web Designing

This is one of the most profitable skills to learn in the world. Web designing is the powerhouse of the tech skills. It is one of the most profitable skills around the world. Also, it is in high demand amongst individuals, brands and businesses. Web designing is divided into several areas and you can choose your own section, learn it, build yourself and earn from it. Some of which are front-end, back-end, or full-stack developers, cybersecurity specialists etc. 

However, many don’t go for this because they see it as technical and very difficult.  So, learn it and build yourself. 

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2. Digital marketing

This is also one of the most profitable skills to learn in the world. Digital marketing is basic online marketing. Trust me some people are specialized in this and they are earning millions from it. Creating effective marketing strategies, building brand awareness, running several campaigns etc. to make several businesses flourish. If you actually know your trade here, you establish a big digital marketing agency within a few months.

3. Search Engine Optimization

This is undoubtedly one of the most profitable skills to learn in 2022. SEO deals with making brands, websites,  and contents rank on google and other search engines. This goes a long way because finding a certain company on the first page of Google, even in the first position might be a bit difficult because the competition is intense. If you are an expert in SEO and you can beat that competition, then you are on the way to millions of naira later on.

4. Copywriting

Copywriting is a highly regarded as one of the most profitable skills to learn. Copywriting is the science or art of writing copies – ads by business to improve sales, brand awareness etc. These ads persuade customers or prospects to buy. Copywriters are employed to write sales copy, email copies, sales letters, VSLs etc. 

If these will convert very well for the businesses,  you can even choose to wean a commission from the sales every time. It also has a high and starting this  now is a massive preparation for the future. 

Picture Credit: Branko Stancevic 

5. Software development

This is unarguably one of the the most profitable skills to learn. This is real money. Imagine working for top brands like Apple, Google, or even Microsoft. However, you need to be somewhere first before you can get to those junctions. 

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This is a kind of skill with maximum returns and mostly if you aren’t professional you can’t be guaranteed for these. It’s about being technical, creative, smart and dedicated. Most times, experts advise that you learn about the basic programming languages and coding before thinking of jumping into software development.

6. Sales and marketing

In tech and beyond tech, this is also of the profitable skills to learn. We always have something to sell but because we aren’t that good at positioning ourselves and selling very well. If you are able to sell or market easily, then you have a suitable business with you. Most people don’t know how to sell even though the have the best product and services out there.

There is a market for every product. While some entrepreneurs enter into those markets, they still don’t know how to sell. It is your duty as a sales or marketing expert to help them under the basis of certain fees. This is what sales and marketing looks like.

7. Blockchain development 

Several properties are now created and hosted on the blockchain. This includes cryptocurrency, NFTs, Metaverse and a lot. It’s a basis for defining the transition into web 3.0. If you can learn this now, you are preparing yourself for a multi billion industry that will take over the world in the future. So it’s one of the most profitable skills to learn in the world.

Just like web design, there are several areas in Blockchain development which you can learn: Smart Contracts Engineer, Blockchain developer, Blockchain Quality Engineer etc.

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8. Cloud computing

If you can’t go for the future hyped block chain development, then cloud computing is another way to go. It is also a future course for the world of workspace. In cloud computing, several companies want to develop the existence of remote working and they will need to work together from the organization cloud. 

Learning cloud computing this year is another massive boost. Also, you can choose to go for Cloud Engineer, cloud architect, Cloud Administrator etc.

9. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most profitable skills to learn in the world as AI is taking over everything. Artificial intelligence is a special tech embodiment which we will all appreciate later on. Who doesn’t want their work extremely simplified all in the name of machines that work exactly like man. Although, we have not gotten to that stage where AL’s work like man but soon we will definitely see a transition of machines doing everything man does. Learn to become an AL developer in 2022.

10. UI/UX designs

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) involves the cool set up of apps, websites and software for users in order to guarantee a friendly and easy to understand interface. The market for UI / UX design is very large and dropping into that right now means massive earnings. 

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