10 best graphic design software tools in 2022

best graphic design software tools

This article is about 10 best graphic design software tools in 2022. Graphics design tools are tools use for mixing the element of graphics and principle of art together in order to generate a compelling graphics. In as much as you create graphics,  you will need an effective tool to help create your designs. 

There are so many graphics tool.  Even listing them all right now can take us years. That is the reason so many graphics designer deal with issues deciding the best tool to use for during any designs. 

In these article,  we really going to talk about the guaranteed and effective tool to use in creating your graphics in 2022. This list is  flexible enough to outline tools that works best in almost every operating system.

10 best graphic design software tools in 2022

The 10 best graphic design software tools in 2022 are;

1. Adobe Illustrator

This is one of the major 10 best graphic design software tools in 2022. Adobe is known for creating extraordinary design tools. One of which is the Adobe illustrator used to design several kinds of graphics. You get a seven day free trial and the premium cost $20.99 and $31.49 per year. 

Features of Adobe Illustrator

  • Helps to match colours together
  • Mange your products on any device on the adobe cloud
  • Design template and 90 images
  • Marketing tutorials for designers. 
  • Most importantly designing tools
  • Features for creating vector design 
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2. Affinity Designer

This is a design tool with a very easy to use and simple interface the even beginners can easily manage it without any issue.  It also work like adobe competitor and it is one of the rare tools that can compete with Adobe illustrator.

Features of Affinity Designer

  • Easy to understand UI interface 
  • Support the primary format of design which are: ICC, CMYK, and RGB
  • Preview,  and edit
  • Affordable price and one time purchase
  • No cloud

3. Adobe Photoshop

This tool and core draw are the basic tool of design when it comes to desktop publishing and even beginner leaening about computer designs.  It is very easy to use and also have a cloud feature.  

Features of Photoshop

  • 3D tools for creating 3D designs
  • Library with images, fonts etc
  • Support JPG and PNG
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Affordable 
Picture Credit: Szabo Viktor 

4. Canva

This is also one of the 10 best graphic design software tools in 2022. Canva is the big boys designer tool.  It us very flexible and easy to use. It comes with exclusive features which qualitlfues it for several kinds of design. If you want to enjoy the use of canva, then you can try out canva pro. 

Features of Canva

  • Simple UI
  • Drop and drag template for designs
  • Easy to use and understand for beginners
  • Works on all OS
  • Free version with high features 

5. Adobe InDesign:

Once again,  adobe comes up in our list.  This is another tool used for creating several kinds of design and graphics. It is used for image-heavy posters, presentations, and documents and can also be used with other Adobe graphics programs. It is easy to use if you can easily adapt to the language but if you can’t it might be difficult to start with.  However,  the point is that it is a very effective and efficient design tool. 

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6. Pixlr

This is a web tool that is used for redefining images.  It is also one of those tools used for creating graphics and bringing in everything so an inanimate object can look real like a photograph.  It works on both iOS and Android devices, hence mobile and faster to access.  This pixlr has a premium and free version

Features of PixLr

  • Easy to use 
  • Simple UI interface 
  • Drag and drop design template
  • Affordable
  • Facilitate social sharing 

7. Figma

This is a popular vector design tool with appropriate and proportional payment.  Small printing and graphics businesses can start with this tool because it is highly affordable.  It also comprises several other design tools but If you know you are looking for an accurate design then Figma is the way. 

Features of Figma

  • Several free tools
  • Easy to use
  • Cheapo priving
  • Large cloud storage 
  • Exclusive library collection 

8. Photoscape

Photoscape is a very important graphics design tool that helps designers carry out their job faster.  Cropping and residing can be carried out automatically on the tool.  It also makes use of a drag and drop feature,  hence easy to use for beginners.  Finally,  it contains a dashboard containing several functions of tools.  

Features of Photoscape

  • Image editor
  • Graphics tools
  • Easy To use interface 
  • Animated GIf 
  • Library containing several templates,  tools and designs. 

9. Inkspace

This is one of those graphics design tools that is free and a bit technical to use.  If you have the basic idea of graphics and can navigate around its UI,  then it would be very easy to practice this. It is flexible and can work with the likes of core draws and abode programs. 

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Features of Inkspace

  • Free 
  • Graphics tools
  • Graphics suite
  • Cross platform
  • Built in XML editor

10. Procreate 

Just like its name, an expert or pro graphics designer can operate this faster and easily.  The good news is that it is a user-friendly interface and you get to know everything about each tool before using them. It contains a lot of templates and tools you might not even find anywhere. Also,  you can create several animations and GIf even by dragging and dropping using the templates in the library. 

Features of Procreate

  • About 200 customizable brushes 
  • Cheap and affordable One time purchase
  • Simple user interface
  • Several elements in the library
  • Color drop tools
  • Not free


If you are a graphics designer,  the 10 tools listed above is enough to carry out extensive designs.  While you are looking to mix elements and principles of designs,  you also need a very easy to practice graphics tool for your projects to be efficient enough. 

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